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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Červenák Milan Cello Košice   1986  
Chachereau Hubert Violin II Arcana   1973?  
Chalabi Adam Violin II Basel [1996] b. 1977  
Challen Eric Viola Queensland State   1949 1952  
Chamis Tatjana Mead Viola Clarion    
Champney Wendy Viola Carmina   1984  
Chan Amelia Violin I Montclaire    
Chan Ivan Violin II Four Seasons Chamber Music Festival    
Chan Ivan Violin I Miami   1995 2009  
Chan ext Rebecca Violin II Hamer    
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Chancey Scott Viola Atlantic [1987]    
Chandrákis D
Apóstolos D
Cello New Hellenic   1991 2007  
Chandrákis D
Dimítris D
Violin II New Hellenic b. 1965 1991  
Chang Jessica Viola Afiara   2013 2014  
Chang Johnny Violin II New Century Players    
Chang ext Sharon Violin II Grant Street    

Occasionally violin I

Chapel Janet Cello [Unnamed] (CCFC)    
Chaplin Diane Cello Colorado   1988 2009  
Chappell Ben Cello McCapra    
Chapple Norman Violin II Brosa