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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Carney Jonathan Violin II Bălănescu    
Carney Jonathan Violin I Lyric    
Carney Laurie Violin II American   1974  
Carovani Cosimo Cello Daphnis    
Carovani Cosimo Cello Indaco    
Carr Colin Cello [Unnamed] (PKSC)    
Carr Molly Viola Serafin    
Carr Richard Violin I [Unnamed] (CSSS)    
Carrasco Irene Cello México City    
Carter Peter Violin II [Unnamed] (TCHT)    
Carter Peter Violin II Dartington   1958  
Carter Peter Violin I Allegri   1976 2005  
Casalis Gabriel Cello [Unnamed] (LKIC)    
Case-Oates Nancy Violin II Atlantic [1987]    
Caspar D
Walter Violin II Amar [1921] b. 1881 1921 1933? d. 1953
Cassidy Marcia Viola Franciscan    
Cassidy Paul Viola Brodsky   1982?  
Caswell Kathryn Violin II Primavera    
Catell Albert Cello Phoenix    
Cauhape Jean Viola Chardon