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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
New Philadelphia

City of origin and orchestra

USA 1981
  M R
New Philharmonic  
England 1926?
  M R
New World [192u?]  
USA 192u?
  M R
New World [1977] H  
USA 1977
1993 M R R
New World [uuuu]  
England uuuu
  M R
New York [1919] H

City of the Quartet’s patrons (Ralph and Frederica Pulitzer), presumably

USA 1919
  M R
New York [19uu]

City of origin

  M R R
New Zealand U Country of origin
New Zealand 1987
  M T R R
Newburyport Festival

Organization of origin

  M R
Nightingale U

Hans Christian Andersen’s tale »Nattergalen« (“The Nightingale”)

Denmark 2007
  M R

Bartek Nizioł (b. 1974), founding 1st violinist 

Switzerland 2000
  M R
Germany (Federal Republic) 1984
  M R R
Nordic U

Geographic area of origin and quartet membership

Denmark 2013
  M R
Norrköping A

City and organization of origin (Norrköping Symphony Orchestra)

Sweden 1934
1975 M R R
Northampton H

City of origin (Massachusetts, USA)

USA 1932
1937? M
Norwegian [1924] A

Country of origin

Norway 1924
  M R
Norwegian [194u] H

Country of origin

Norway 194u
  M R
Nossek H

Jane Nossek, founding 1st violinist (presumably)

England 1988
  M R R
Novák A

Vitězslav Novák (1870–1949), composer ?

Czechoslovakia 1945
  M R R
Novosibirsk Filarmonica

Organization of origin

Russia 1985
  M R