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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Norwegian [1924] A

Country of origin

Norway 1924
  M R
Norwegian [194u] H

Country of origin

Norway 194u
  M R
Nossek H

Jane Nossek, founding 1st violinist (presumably)

England 1988
  M R R
Novák A

Vitězslav Novák (1870–1949), composer ?

Czechoslovakia 1945
  M R R
Novosibirsk Filarmonica

City and organization of origin

Russia 1985
  M R
Nuova musica  
  M R

Norse god

Canada 2015
  M R
OK Mozart Chamber Music Ensemble

Music festival in Okalhoma, USA

  M R
Australia 2007
  M R
Orford H

Location of origin

Canada 1965
1991 M T R R
  M T R
Orion U H

Constellation Orion

USA 1987
  M R R
Netherlands 1976
  M R
Orpheus U H  
Germany (Federal Republic) 1986
  M R R
Oslo U

City of origin (presumably)

Norway 1991
  M T R
Oslo Philharmonic Society A
Filharmonisk Selskaps

Organization of origin

Ostrava H

City of origin

Czechoslovakia 1953
1988 M T R R
Pacific (Vienna) U  
Austria 2006 ca.
  M R
Pacifica U

Region of origin (by the Pacific Ocean: Los Angeles)

USA 1994
  M T R R
Paganini H

Niccolò Paganini (1782–1840), violinist and composer, who once owned the quartet’s four instruments

USA 1946
1966 ca. M R R