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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Coleman William Viola Kuss    
Coletta Harold Viola Phoenix    
Collette Christophe Violin I Debussy   1990  
Colliard Gilles Violin I Ravel   1998 ca.  
Collier Kent Cello [Unnamed] (HCDC)    
Collin Michel Violin I Brussels    
Collins Archie Viola RTÉ    
Collins Archie Viola Testore [19uu]    
Collins ext LeRoy Viola Walden b. 1914? 1934 1937 d. 1972?

Also appeared in one or a few concerts in Fall 1938

Additional references

A program from September 1938; birth and death from USSSDI

Collot Serge Viola Parrenin    
Collot Serge Viola Bernède   1989 1991  
Coman Teodor Viola Arpeggione b. 1965  
Cone Douglas Violin I Lexington    
Connors Clare Violin II Bălănescu    
Conquer Jeanne-Marie Violin I Ensemble Intercontemporain    
Conrad Carlos Cello Beethoven [2006]    
Conrad Claus Viola Benthien   197u  
Conrad Roman Violin II Sarastro    
Consiglio Catherine Viola Fairmont    
Constantine Matt Cello Elysian