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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Cohen Jonathan Cello Fitzwilliam   2000 2001  
Cohen ext Robert Cello Fine Arts   2012 2018  

He went on tours as the quartet’s cellist in 2011 and joined as a member in 2012.

Cohen Sidney Viola Forum b. 1915 ca. d. 1978
Colberg Christian Viola Atlantic [1995]    
Cole Orlando Cello Curtis b. 1908 1927? d. 2010
Cole Sage Violin I Hudson    
Cole Sage Viola [Unnamed] (TSCR)    
Coleman Avron Cello [Unnamed] (FWGC)    
Coleman William Viola Kuss    
Coletta Harold Viola Phoenix    
Collette Christophe Violin I Debussy   1990  
Colliard Gilles Violin I Ravel   1998 ca.  
Collier Kent Cello [Unnamed] (HCDC)    
Collin Michel Violin I Brussels    
Collins Archie Viola RTÉ    
Collins Archie Viola Testore [19uu]    
Collins ext LeRoy Viola Walden b. 1914? 1934 1937 d. 1972?

Also appeared in one or a few concerts in Fall 1938

Additional references

A program from September 1938; birth and death from USSSDI

Collot Serge Viola Parrenin    
Collot Serge Viola Bernède   1989 1991  
Coman Teodor Viola Arpeggione b. 1965