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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Constantinovici Ruxandra Violin I Sonare    
Cooke James Violin II Boston Composers    
Coolidge Arlan Violin I [Unnamed] (CCFC)    
Cooper Deirdre Cello Smith    
Cooper Jameson Violin I Euclid   1998  
Cooper Kristina Reiko Cello [Unnamed] (SGBC)    
Cooper Kristina Reiko Cello Whitman   1992  
Cooper Nick Cello Bălănescu    
Cooper Robert Violin I Adelaide    
Cooper Robert Violin II Aeolian    
Copéry Anne Cello Ludwig   1985  
Copes Ronald Violin I Audubon b. 1950 1975 1976  
Copes Ronald Violin II Juilliard b. 1950 1997  
Copperwheat Winifred Viola Zorian    
Coppey Marc Cello Ysaÿe [1984]   1995 2000  
Corazza Calixto Cello City of São Paulo    
Cords Nicholas Viola Brooklyn Rider   2005  
Cores Alexander Violin I Dorian b. 1900 d. 1994
Corti Nicolas Viola Amati [1981]    
Cosbey ext Catherine Violin I Cecilia   2017 2017  

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