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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Cosbey ext Catherine Violin II Cecilia   2017 2017  

During the leave of Sarah Nematallah

Crosbey Peter Cello Annex   2008  
Cossum S. Viola [Unnamed] (SHCE)    
Costa Santos José Manuel Violin II Porto Musical Workshop    
Costantino Sandro Viola New Zealand   1987 1989  
Costanza Christopher Cello [Unnamed] (PMTC) b. 1964  
Costanza ext Christopher Cello Chicago b. 1964 1996 2003  
Additional references

Chicago Tribune article [acc. 2019-01-12]

Costanza Christopher Cello St. Lawrence b. 1964 2003  
Costard René Violin II Krettly    
Cöster Charlie Cello Ivan Ericson    
Cotik Tomas Violin II Delray    
Cotik Tomas Violin II Harrington   2007 2009  
Cotik Tomás Violin II Amernet   2015 2016  
Coulange Nicole Violin I Provence    
Coull Roger Violin I Coull    
Courte Robert Viola Gertler b. 1910 d. 1979
Courte Robert Viola Paganini b. 1910 d. 1979
Courte Robert Viola Stanley b. 1910 1951 1973 d. 1979
Cox John Viola Symphonia    
Coxon Edmund Violin II Lyric