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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Dalley John Violin II Guarneri b. 1935 1964 2009  
Dalseno David Violin II Orava    
Dalsgaard Josefine Violin I/II Nightingale b. 1988  
Daly Declan Violin II Dante    
Damais Émile Violin II Vandelle b. 1906 d. 2003
Dan Robert Viola New World [1977]    
Dane Jean Viola Composers    
Danel Ewald Viola Kubín b. 1956 1972  
Danel Guy Cello Danel   1991  
Danel Marc Violin I Danel   1991  
Danhier Charlotte Cello Gong b. 1981 2011?  
Daniels David Cello Lyric    
Danielson Nicolas Violin I Chester    
Danilow Basia Violin II LARK   2010 2019  
Dann Steven Viola ARC Ensemble    
Dann Steven Viola Gould   1992 1993  
Dannemann U. Violin II [Unnamed] (NDBC)    
Dannemann U. Viola [Unnamed] (ZWDF)    
Dannemann Ulrich Viola Esterházy    
d’Archambeau Félicien Viola Flonzaley   1924 1925