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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Moskovsky D
Aleksandr D
Violin II Hungarian b. 1901 1938 1959 d. 1969
Problems, questions

Several sources indicate incorrectly that he joined in 1940.

Additional references

Kenneson 1994

Mosloff Derek Viola New Fromm Players    
Mosorjak Peter Violin II Zwiebel b. 1981  
Motard Thérèse Cello Arthur LeBlanc    
Motlík Jan Viola Pilsen Radio    
Motobuchi Mai Viola Borromeo   2000  
Mottier Frédéric Cello Zürich    
Mottram Paul Violin II Dymiotis    
Mouillère Jean Violin I Via nova   1968  
Moulton Roger Violin II Lexington    
Mountfort Lyndsay Viola Amabile    
Mourguiart Christophe Violin II Via nova   2008  
Movileanu Marian Viola Profil    
Moye Felicia Violin I Miami   1990 1995  
Móži Aladár Violin I Slovak [1957] b. 1923 d. 1983
Mucha Stanislav Violin I Moyzes    
Muck Conrad Violin I Petersen   1994?  
Muck Conrad Violin I Leipzig   2015 2018  
Muck Peter Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1919 1948 1949 d. 2011
Müller Andreas Cello Asasello   2003 2009