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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Murphy Jacob Violin II Euclid   1998 2016  
Murphy Jessie Violin II Montague    
Murphy Patrick Cello Grainger [2006]   2006 2009  
Murray Christopher Cello Heath    
Murray Gilly Viola Salieri    
Murray Tai Violin II Fred Sherry    
Musker Kate Viola Bălănescu    
Mussumeli Bettina Violin I Ives   2005  
Mutch Stuart Cello Sunrise    
Mutter Anne-Sophie Violin I [Unnamed] (MCBS)    
Mutter Charles Violin II Smith    
Mutter Charles Violin I Edinburgh b. 1970 2002 2007  
Myers Jeffrey Violin I Calidore    
Myerscough John Cello Doric   1998  
Myöhänen Teemu Cello Asasello   2014  
Myrup Claus Viola Danish [1986]    
Møller Holger Violin II [Unnamed] (SMMH)    
Młodawski Maciej Cello Lutosławski b. 1981  
Naegele Philipp Violin II Végh b. 1928 1978 d. 2011
Naganuma Yuriko Violin I [Unnamed] (NSJB)