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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Martin Mihaela Violin I Michelangelo   2002  
Martin Robert Cello Sequoia   1975 1985  
Martín Márquez Gustavo Cello México City    
Martin Silos Francesca Viola Colorado   1982 2000  
Martin-Doike Zoë Violin II Aizuri   2012 2016  
Martin-Scrase Anna Cello Acacia Ensemble    
Martínez ext Enekoitz Violin I/II Isasi    
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Martínez Bourguet Alessia Viola Martínez Bourguet    
Martínez Bourguet César Cello Martínez Bourguet    
Martínez Bourguet Ekaterine Violin II Martínez Bourguet    
Martínez Bourguet Pablo Arturo Violin I Martínez Bourguet    
Martínez Bourguet Pablo Arturo Violin II México City    
Martínez Mehner Vera Violin I/II Casals b. 1978 1997  
Martini Louis Viola Loewenguth b. 1912 d. 2000
Martinoli Sergio Violin II Mitja    
Martinovský Ondřej Viola fama Q    
Martinsen Anne Helga Violin II Hansa    
Martinsen Svein Harald Viola [Unnamed] (GBML)    
Marton Dénes Viola Parrenin    
Marwood Catherine Viola Fairfield