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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Möller I Viola Ivan Ericson    
Møller Holger Violin II [Unnamed] (SMPB)    
Molly Niamh Cello Kerem   200u  
Molnár Antal Viola Waldbauer-Kerpely b. 1890 1909 1912 d. 1983
Molnár Ferenc Viola Róth b. 1895 d. 1985
Molzahn Alexander Cello Lenzewski    
Molzan Brett Violin I Alcan    
Molzan Brett Violin II Arthur LeBlanc   2001?  
Molzan Ryan Cello Arthur LeBlanc   2001?  
Money Alasdair Cello Emily Carr   2006  
Monier Lester Cello Amadeo Roldán    
Monke Kirsten Viola DaPonte   2008  
Monks Susan Cello Mistry    
Monsaingeon Bruno Violin I [Unnamed] (MACM) b. 1943  
Monson Ruth Viola Brigham Young University Faculty    
Montgomery ext Jessie Violin I/II Catalyst   2012  
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Position to be determined

Montiel Javier Viola Latinoamericano b. 1954 1981  
Montmayeur Gérard Violin II Bernède   1967 1970  
Moody Laura Cello Elysian   2001  
Moody Marion Viola [Unnamed] (RLMR)