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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Milhaud Darius Violin I [Unnamed] (MSSD) b. 1892 d. 1974
Miller Frank Cello Chicago Symphony b. 1912 d. 1986
Miller Jonathan Cello [Unnamed] (SEMM)    
Miller ext Nicole Viola In Praise of Folly    

Also plays violin

Miller Oliver Cello The NOISE    
Miller Steven Violin II Angeles   2000?  
Millet Gilles Violin II Danel   1991  
Milligan Henry Violin II Hart House   1942 1946  
Mills Jesse Violin II Crowley    
Mills Jesse Violin II Fred Sherry    
Mills Jesse Violin II [Unnamed] (KMFC)    
Mills Jesse Violin II Flux   2001 2003  
Mills John Violin I Tippett    
Milofsky Bernard Viola Pro Arte b. 1916 1947 1957 d. 1993
Milošev Aleksandar Viola Tartini    
Miloslavskiy I. Viola USSR Radio Council    
Miloslavskiy D
Joseph D
Violin II Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra    
Problems, questions

First name is conjectural.

Minali-Bella Jean-Paul Viola Arpeggione b. 1969 1999  
Miranov D
Ladislav Viola Zagreb b. 1900 1919 1920? d. 1987
Miranov Ladislav Violin I Zagreb b. 1900 1928 1937 d. 1987