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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Manton Victor Viola Edinburgh   1970 1971  
Mantu Adrian Cello ConTempo   1995  
Mantz ext Theodora Violin II Lenox [1957]   1957  

May have alternated with one or two others in this part.

Additional references

Pâris 2004

Manzella Fred Violin II Phoenix    
Marano Fabio Viola Pellegrini    
Marchand Charles-Étienne Violin I/II Bozzini b. 1979 2010 2011  
Marchwiński ext Władysław Violin II Danish [1950 ca.]   1978 1984  
Additional references

Sjællands symfoniorkester [2013-02-19]

Marcil Élaine Violin I Claudel-Canimex   1989  
Marcil Jeanne de Chantal Cello Claudel-Canimex   1999  
Marcus John Violin II Ensō   2005  
Marfaing Laurent Viola Modigliani   2003  
Margand Michèle Violin I Margand    
Marian Mircea Cello Profil    
Marica Mihai Cello Amphion    
Marínósdóttir Þórunn Ósk Viola Siggi    
Marinov D
Svetoslav D
Violin II [Unnamed] (TMSB)    
Marius Teohari Violin II Arad Philharmonia    
Marjanovskis D
Marks D
Cello [Unnamed] (SKAM)    
Mark ext Andrew Cello Boston Composers   1987 1993  
Additional references

New England Conservatory [2011-04-23]

Mark Andrew Cello Portland   2018