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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Weigle Friedemann Viola Petersen b. 1962 1979 d. 2015
Weigle Friedemann Viola Artemis b. 1962 2007 2015 d. 2015
Weil Terence Cello Hurwitz    
Weiland Douglas Violin II Australian b. 1954 1985 1989  
Weilenmann Sarah Cello Pacific (Vienna)    
Weilerstein Donald Violin I Cleveland   1969 1989  
Weiner D
Boris D
Viola Krasnïy b. 1977  
Weiner Frances Violin II [Unnamed] (BWGG)    
Weinmann Matthias Cello Isasi    
Weinmeister Hanna Viola Tetzlaff    
Weinstein Irving Viola Róth    
Weinstock Rachmael Violin II Róth b. 1910 d. 1996
Weiser Samuel Violin II Del Sol   2023  
Weiser Samuel Violin I Carpe Diem   2023  
Weisman Vladimir Violin II Claremont    
Weiss Samuel Violin II Forum    
Weisser Elizabeth Violin II iO   2006 2007  
Weisser Elizabeth Viola iO   2007 2010  
Weissgärber Max Violin II Fitzner b. 1886 1894 189u d. 1951
Weithaas Antje Violin I Arcanto   2002