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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Warner Waldo Viola London b. 1874 1908 1929 d. 1945
Warwas [Unknown] Violin I [Unnamed] (WGSZ)    
Warwick Evans Charles Cello London b. 1885 1908 1935 d. 1974
Warwick Evans Charles Cello Pro Arte b. 1885 1940 1941 d. 1974
Waschitz Jeremias Violin II [Unnamed] (ZWDF)    
Wasenius Karl Fredrik Viola [Unnamed] (CSWR)    
Washburn Sarah Violin I West End    
Wasiółka Marian Cello Wilanów   1977  
Wassenius Mia Viola Gothenburg    
Watanabe Miwako Violin II Sequoia    
Waterbury Susan Violin II Cavani    
Waterman David Cello Endellion   1979 2021  
Waterman Frits Violin II Hekster b. 1906 1953 1970 d. 1970
Waterman Joël Viola Utrecht   2008  
Waterman Shuli Viola Aviv    
Waterman Tami Cello Carmel b. 1974 1999  
Waters Nicholas Violin II Flinders   2015 2019  
Waters Robert Violin II DePaul    
Waters Robert Violin I Fry Street   2012  
Watkins Paul Cello Emerson   2013