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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Yoshimoto Natsuko Violin I Australian   2002 2006  
Yoshimoto Natsuko Violin I Grainger [2006]   2006 2009  
Yosioka Airi Violin I/II Son Sonora    
You Hyun Ji D
Violin II Jade [2001]    
Young Josephine Cello New Zealand   1987 1994  
Young ext Richard Violin II New Hungarian b. 1946 ca. 1972 1979  
Additional references

Article by Lester Jacobson [2014-05-14]

Young Richard Viola Vermeer b. 1946 ca. 1985 2007  
Youngerman Yoram Viola Amernet    
Ysaÿe Eugène Violin I Ysaÿe [1886] b. 1858 1886 d. 1931
Ysselstyn Cornelius Cello Parlow   1948 1958?  
Yu Joanne Cello Enterprise    
Yu D

Shi-Yu D
Cello Jade [2001]    
Yu Soo-Jung Violin I [Unnamed] (YNBC)    
Yücelen Çağıl Violin I Anatolian    
Yücelen Ulvi Violin I Yücelen    
Yücelen-Başaran Reyyan Violin II Yücelen    
Yuchimchuk D
Natalya D
Violin II Musica viva (Russia)    
Yun Susan Cello Florida    
Yuval Mordechai Violin II New Israel    
Yüvelen Ulvi Violin II [Unnamed] (KYGC)