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Composers & compositions

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Duration in minutes: A 0–10 B 10–20 C 20–30 D 30–50 E 50–80 F 80–130 G 130+
Family name Given name Life dates Residence Began Notes  
Hoban Wieland b. 1978
England 1978
Germany 1998
Hoddinott ext Alun 1929–2008
Wales 1929
  M P
Additional references

Craggs 2007b

Hodge U Huck b. 1977
USA 1977
  M P R
Hodkinson U ext Sydney 1934–2021
Canada 1934
USA 19uu

Quartet No. 1 is a theatre piece for five players, focusing on strings that are not part of a string quartet: harp, guitar, string bass, electric guitar, and piano.

Additional references

Communication from Syd Hodkinson, 2012-10-04

Hoffman U ext Joel b. 1953
Canada 1953
Wales 1971
USA 1974
  M P R
Additional references

Communication from Joel Hoffman, 2013-10-22

Hoiby Lee 1926–2011
USA 1926
Holbrooke Joseph 1878–1958
England 1878
  M R
Höller U York b. 1944
Germany (Federal Republic) 1944
  M P R
Holloway Robin b. 1943
England 1943
  M P
Holm ext Peder b. 1926
Denmark 1926
  M R
Additional references

Sekretariat for Ny Kompositionsmusik [2011-12-26]

Holmboe ext Vagn 1909–1996
Denmark 1909
Germany 1930
Romania 1933
Denmark 1934
  M P R
Additional references

Rapoport 1996

Holmen Jexper b. 1971
Denmark 1971
  M R
Honegger U ext Arthur 1892–1955
France 1892
Switzerland 1909
France 1911
  M P R
Additional references

Halbreich 1999

Hoover U Katherine b. 1937
USA 1937
  M R
Horsthuis U Maurice b. 1948
Netherlands 1948
  M R
Horvat U Frank b. 1974
Canada 1974
  M P R
Horwood U Michael b. 1947
USA 1947
Canada 1971
  M P
Hosseini U A
Mehdi A
b. 1979
Iran 1979
Russia 2002
Hovhaness A
Alan 1911–2000
USA 1911
  M R
Problems, questions

Further residences TBA

Hovland Egil 1924–2013
Norway 1924
  M P