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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
White Paul Violin II Kilbourn b. 1895 d. 1973
Whitehouse Brooks Cello Reynolda   2019  
Whiting Christopher Violin II Nizioł    
Whitton Donald Cello RCMT    
Wiancko ext Paul Cello Harlem b. 1983 2010 2012  
Additional references

Communication from Juan-Miguel Hernández, 2013-09-23

Wiancko Paul Cello Kronos   2023  
Wibli Ilona Cello Danubius    
Wicky Thomas Violin I Amati [1981]    
Widegren Helge Violin II Prime    
Widmoser Jörg Violin I Modern   1983  
Wiebe Thomas Cello ARC Ensemble    
Wiener Stéphane Viola Lespine    
Wiersma Calvin Violin II Meliora   1982  
Wiersma Calvin Violin II Manhattan [1968]   1995  
Wiesel Uzi Cello Tel Aviv    
Wiesflecker Thomas Cello Acies    
Wiggins Teddy Violin II Annex   2008 2011  
Wigram David Viola Piatti    
Wilcox-Root Laura Viola Atlantic [1987]   1987  
Wild Chris Cello Euclid