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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Winning Fiona Viola Edinburgh   2014 2017  
Winograd Arthur Cello Juilliard b. 1920 1946 1955 d. 2010
Winograd Peter Violin I American   1990  
Winsløv Svend Cello Carl Nielsen    
Winther Kristian Violin I Australian b. 1984 2012 2014  
Wirth D
Lena Violin II Amaryllis    
Wise David Violin II Brosa    
Wise Rebecca Cello Ragazze   2016  
Wittenberg Jan Violin I Gaudeamus    
Wittenberg Jan Violin II Gaudeamus    
Wittmann Carl Franz Cello Gewandhaus b. 1814 1839 1853 d. 1860
Wittmann ext Carl Franz Cello Gewandhaus b. 1814 1853 1854 d. 1860

Alternated with Friedrich Grützmacher, 1853–54

Witzansky Louis Violin II Høeberg    
Wolf Karin Viola Verdi [1985]   1985  
Wolfe Anne Viola Marie Wilson    
Wolfe Paul Violin I Silvermine b. 1926 1959 d. 2016
Wolfe ext Paul Violin I Florida   1967 2002?  

Position to be determined

Wolff D
Ria Viola Basel [1996]    
Wolfinsohn Wolfe Violin I Lenox [192u?]    
Wolfinsohn Wolfe Violin I Stradivarius [1929 ca.]