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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Williams Jeremy Viola Grainger [2006]   2006 2009  
Williams Jonathan Cello Delmé   1988  
Williams Judith Cello Mosaic    
Williams Louise Violin II Endellion   1979 1984  
Williams ext Louise Viola Chilingirian   1987 1992  
Additional references

Communication from Louise Williams, 2013-02-17

Williams Trevor Violin II Aeolian b. 1929 d. 2007
Willison Peter Cello Quartet of London    
Willwohl Andreas Viola Mandelring    
Wilmes Ton Viola Amati [1966]    
Wilmot Melissa Violin I Annex   2008 2010  
Wilson Eric Cello [Unnamed] (SMBW)    
Wilson Eric Cello Emerson b. 1949 1976 1979 ca.  
Wilson James Cello Shanghai   2000?  
Wilson Jim Cello Chester    
Wilson Marie Violin I Marie Wilson b. 1903 d. 1996
Wilson Russell Viola West End    
Wilson D
Sandy D
Cello Alexander   1981 2025  
Win Morgan Catrin Violin II Brodowski b. 1981 2007  
Winkler Wilhelm Cello Kolisch   1922 192u  
Winland Leo Cello Saulesco   1976