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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lukashevskiy D
Il'ya D
Violin I Glazunov [1919] b. 1892 1919 d. 1967
Lundgren Tage Violin II Arco    
Lundgren Tage Violin II [Unnamed] (GLBG)    
Lundgren Tage Violin II Kyndel   1942? 1952?  
Lundqvist Gösta Cello Ivan Ericson b. 1908  
Luo Mei Mei Violin I Delray    
Lutskiy D
Grigoriy D
Violin II Taneev   1946  
Lutskiy D
M. Viola Glier    
Lutz Marguerite Viola Capelle    
Lützhøft Otto Cello Erling Bloch   1933  
Lykos Aristeidis Cello [Unnamed] (DSML)    
Lyman Hill Janet Viola Columbia    
Lynch Caitlin Viola Aeolus    
Lysell Ann-Marie Violin II Lysell [1968]    
Lysell Anne-Marie Viola Berwald    
Lysell Bernt Violin I Lysell [1968]    
Lysell Bernt Violin I Lysell [1986]   1986  
Lywen Werner Violin I Lywen b. 1909 d. 2002
Ma Xing-Hua Cello Shanghai   1983?  
Maas Emil Viola [Unnamed] (WKMH)