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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Mathé D
Susanne Violin I Basel [1996] b. 1979 1996  
Mathews Diana Viola Grove   2008 2010  
Matoušek Bohuslav Violin I Stamic b. 1949 1985 1995  
Matson Melissa Viola Chester   1978 1983  
Matsuda Yoko Violin I Sequoia    
Matsuda Yoko Violin II Yale    
Matsuno Eleonora Violin I Indaco    
Matsuno Eleonora Violin I [Unnamed] (MSHD)    
Matthäi Heinrich August Violin I/II Gewandhaus b. 1781 1806? 1808 d. 1835
Matthäi Heinrich August Violin I Gewandhaus b. 1781 1808 1835 d. 1835
Matthews David Violin II Medici   1971  
Matthiessen Ingrid Violin II Molinari   1997 1998  
Matyáš Miroslav Violin II Janáček [1947]   1947 1952 d. 1997
Matz Arnold Viola Gewandhaus b. 1904 1958 1958 d. 1991
Matzka Peter Violin I Chester    
Maurer Joanna Violin II [Unnamed] (MMRS)    
Maurer Luke Viola Lyris    
Maurice Donald Viola Dominion    
Maxwell Marianne Cello Lehmann    
Mayerhold Otto Viola Haydn