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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Linder Clemens Violin II Soloists of the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin    
Lindhe Carl Cello Kjellström    
Lindhe ext Carl Cello Aulin   1900 1903?  

Alternated with Nils Zedeler

Lindsay Alex Violin I Alex Lindsay b. 1919 19uu d. 1974
Lindsey John Violin I Lexington   1977 1981  
Lindström Göran Cello Helsingborg    
Lingenfelder Matthias Violin I Auryn b. 1959 1981 2021  
Link Joel Violin I Dover    
Linnebach Jessica Violin I Ironwood   2014  
Lintermans Yvo Violin II Arriaga    
Lipchik Ravenna Violin II [Unnamed] (SLHJ)    
Lipka Alfred Viola German State Opera (Berlin)    
Lippus Endel Violin II Estonian State Philharmonic    
Lippus Endel Violin II [Unnamed] (ALLK)    
Lippus Endel Violin I [Unnamed] (LALT)    
Lippus Endel Violin I [Unnamed] (LKPT)    
Lisko Andy Violin II [Unnamed] (OLTL)    
Lissy Raimund Violin II Thomas Christian Ensemble    
Lister Warwick Violin II Lenox [1957]    
Listova D
Irina D
Violin II Prokof'ev