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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Liviabella Hans Violin I Energie nove    
Livitin D
B. Viola Auer [1929]    
Llewellyn Ernest Violin I Queensland State   1944 1948  
Lloyd Maria Violin II Walden b. 1922 1974 1979? d. 1998
Lloyd Mike Viola Fejes    
Lobet Dominique Viola Parisii   1981  
Locatelli Léon Violin II Lespine    
Lockwood Kathryn Viola Pacifica   1994 2001  
Lockwood Kathryn Viola LARK b. 1969 2003 2019  
Lockwood Rachel Viola Grove b. 1986 2006 2008  
Loebel Kurt Violin I Symphonia b. 1921 1953 d. 2009
Loewen Andrews Elizabeth Violin I Windermere    
Loewen Andrews Elizabeth Violin II Windermere    
Loewen-Andrews Elizabeth Violin II [Unnamed] (SLTJ)    
Loewenguth Alfred Violin I Loewenguth b. 1911 1929 1983 d. 1983
Loewenguth Roger Cello Loewenguth b. 1916 1983 d. 1993
Loft ext Abram Violin II Fine Arts b. 1922 1954 1979 d. 2019
Additional references

Fine Arts Quartet Records, 1910–1989 [2011-05-16]

Logan Jennymay Violin II Elysian   1999  
Loger Jean-Lou Cello Leonis    
Logie Nicholas Viola Chilingirian b. 1950 1978 1980