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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lentz Georges Violin II Tall Poppies    
Lenzewski Gustav Violin I Lenzewski b. 1896 d. 1988
Leopold Rudolf Cello Franz Schubert (Vienna) b. 1954 1974 1983?  
Lercher Leopold Violin II Auritus    
Lerner Firmian Viola Minguet    
Leshnower Jennifer Violin II Cassatt   2001  
Lespine Jean Cello Lespine    
Lessing Wolfgang Cello Hába (1984)    
Leung Clayton Viola Atlantic [1987]    
Leung Hezekiah Violin I Annex   2011  
Leung Hezekiah Viola Dover   2022 2023  
Levenson Jeffrey Cello Thouvenel    
Leventhal Sharan Violin I Kepler   2002  
Levey James Violin I London b. 1887 1917 1927 d. 1955
Levey James Violin I Hart House b. 1887 1935 1946 d. 1955
Levin ext Ida Violin I Mendelssohn   1987  
Additional references

Laurel LR-850CD (CD)

Levin Walter Violin II [Unnamed] (KLRG) b. 1924 1946  
Levin Walter Violin I LaSalle b. 1924 1946 1988 d. 2017
Levine Robert Viola Orford   1986 1987  
Levinson D
Iosif D
Cello Taneev b. 1934? 1967? d. 2021