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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lee D
Gee D
Violin II Stanislas    
Lee Jong Eun Violin I Stony Brook    
Lee Julianne Viola Dover   2023  
Lee Kett-Chuan Cello Boston    
Lee Lisa Violin II LARK   2007 2008  
Lee Mi-Kyung Violin I [Unnamed] (LPKP)    
Lee Nelson Violin I Jupiter   2001  
Lee Nina Cello Brentano   1998  
Lee Rachael Cello Fejes    
Lee Scott Viola Miami   2011  
Lee ext Sharon Viola Cecilia   2004 2006  

Also played violin I and II

Lee Sharon Violin II Cecilia   2006 2007  
Lee Sun-Young Viola [Unnamed] (LLLO)    
Lee Veronica Viola Odin    
Lee Wayne Violin II iO   2007 2008  
Lee Yuna Violin II Alexander   2023 2025  
Lee Yura Violin I Ensō   2016  
Lefebvre Micheline Violin I Aquitaine National    
Lefebvre Pierre Viola Aquitaine National    
LeFevre Suzanne Viola River Oaks Chamber Orchestra