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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lovell Keith Viola Dartington   1958  
Lovell Keith Viola Allegri   1981 1988  
Lovett Martin Cello Hurwitz b. 1927 d. 2020
Lovett Martin Cello Amadeus b. 1927 1947 1987 d. 2020
Lovett Maud Violin II Incidental Music    
Lowbury Miriam Cello Bingham    
Lowe Malcolm Violin I Gould   1992 1993  
Lowe Tim Cello Rossetti Ensemble    
Lowndes-Northcott Lydia Viola Tippett   2012  
Lowrie Tafoya Victor Viola Mivos   2008  
Lubbe Gareth Violin I/II Gelber Klang    
Lucas Theodore Viola University of Illinois Composition    
Lucas-Smith Vanessa Cello Brodowski   2005 2011  
Lucas-Smith Vanessa Cello Allegri   2011  
Luciani Fulvio Violin I Borciani    
Lüdolph D
Mogens Violin II Copenhagen [1957] b. 1930 1957 1974  
Ludwig Mark Viola Hawthorne    
Ludwig Paul Cello Rebner   1920  
Lübeck Louis Theodor Cello Gewandhaus b. 1838 1863 1866 d. 1904
Lugli Lorenzo Violin I City of Torino