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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Atchison Robert Violin I [Unnamed] (AHBJ)    
Atsumi Takayori Cello New Art [19uu] b. 1934 ca. d. 2011
Attwood Susanna Violin I Grove   2006 2008  
Auber Stefan Cello Kolisch b. 1903 1939 1941 d. 1986
Aucante Vincent Viola Gewandhaus b. 1976 2013 2015  
Audin Jean-Philippe Cello Verdi    
Audoli Jean-Philippe Violin I Ludwig   1985  
Auerbach Dan Violin I [Unnamed] (AKGE)    
Augustyn Danuta Violin II Dafô    
Aulin Tor Violin I Aulin b. 1866 1886 1912 d. 1914
Aumere Celia Violin II Kyndel   1952 1957?  
Aurier ext Frédéric Violin II Béla    
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Austrich Daniel Violin II Michelangelo b. 1984 2012 2019  
Avitzour Ella Toovy Cello Motýl    
Avramenko Valērijs Viola Latvian Philharmonic    
Avramenko Valērijs Viola Rīga    
Avramenko Valērijs Viola [Unnamed] (SKAM)    
Avshalomov Daniel Viola American    
Ayres Helen Violin I/II Flinders   2013 2015  
Azoitei Remus Violin I Ad libitum   2017