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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Arányi Fráncis Violin I Zagreb b. 1893 d. 1966
Archbold Timothy Cello Grant Street    
Arditti Irvine Violin I Arditti b. 1953 1974  
Arenkov D
Aleksandr D
Violin I Glinka [1965]    
Arias Apolonio Cello César Franck    
Arias-Flores Javier Cello Amernet   1991 2010  
Aristakesyan Vahagn Viola Beethoven [2006]    
Aristakesyan Vahagn Viola Euler    
Arlt Michael Violin II [Unnamed] (KAAS)   1993 ca.  
Armatys-Borrelli Anna Cello Dafô    
Armbrust Doyle Viola Spektral   2009  
Armerding Jonathan Violin II Helios    
Armstrong Vahn Violin II New World [1977]   1993  
Armstrong Groce Sandra Viola Montclaire    
Arndt Andreas Cello Auryn   1981 2021  
Arnillas Ricardo Cello [Unnamed] (BNSA)    
Arnold Rosa Violin I Ragazze b. 1984  
Aronoff Max Viola Curtis b. 1906 1927? d. 1981
Aronson Milton Violin II Smith College    
Arpin Marie Josée Violin II Claudel-Canimex