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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Bachrich Albert Violin II Rosé b. 1874 1897 1905 ca. d. 1924
Bachrich Siegmund Viola Rosé b. 1841 1884 1895 ca. d. 1913
Bachtiar Alexandra Cello [Unnamed] (SGKB)    
Bäck Sven-Erik Viola [Unnamed] (GLBG) b. 1919 d. 1994
Bäck ext Sven-Erik Violin II Kyndel b. 1919 1941 1942? d. 1994
Additional references

Sven-Erik Bäck may have made recordings with the Quartet in June and December 1943.

Bäck Sven-Erik Viola Barkel b. 1919 19uu d. 1994
Bačkus Mindaugas Cello Chordos    
Baer Susan Violin I Alder    
Baert Edmond Cello Brussels    
Bärtschi Hannes Viola Amar [1987] b. 1977 1999  
Bagg Jonathan Viola Ciompi   1986  
Bahn ext Lina Violin I/II Corigliano   1998 2010  
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Additional references

University of Colorado at Boulder [2013-01-30]

Bailey Mark Cello Edinburgh   1988  
Bailey Robert Cello Delmé    
Baillargeon Gilles Violin II [Unnamed] (BBRJ)    
Bailly Louis Viola Flonzaley   1917 1924  
Bajusz Izsó Violin II Stadler   2004  
Baker Israel Violin I New Art [1947 ca.]    
Baker Jenny Oaks Violin II Potomac b. 1975  
Baker Timothy Violin II Atlantic