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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Babbini Damiano Violin I Ascanio    
Babeshko Vladimir Viola [Unnamed] (MCBS)    
Babyn Cindy Viola [Unnamed] (YNBC)    
Bache Paulus Cello Copenhagen [1919] b. 1882 1919 d. 1956
Bachmann Maria Violin I LARK   2001 2008  
Bachrich Albert Violin II Rosé b. 1874 1897 1905 ca. d. 1924
Bachrich Siegmund Viola Rosé b. 1841 1884 1895 ca. d. 1913
Bachtiar Alexandra Cello [Unnamed] (SGKB)    
Bäck Sven-Erik Viola [Unnamed] (GLBG) b. 1919 d. 1994
Bäck ext Sven-Erik Violin II Kyndel b. 1919 1941 1942? d. 1994
Additional references

Sven-Erik Bäck may have made recordings with the Quartet in June and December 1943.

Bäck Sven-Erik Viola Barkel b. 1919 19uu d. 1994
Bačkus Mindaugas Cello Chordos    
Baer Susan Violin I Alder    
Baert Edmond Cello Brussels    
Bärtschi Hannes Viola Amar [1987] b. 1977 1999  
Bagg Jonathan Viola Ciompi   1986  
Bahn ext Lina Violin I/II Corigliano   1998 2010  
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Additional references

University of Colorado at Boulder [2013-01-30]

Bailey Mark Cello Edinburgh   1988  
Bailey Robert Cello Delmé    
Baillargeon Gilles Violin II [Unnamed] (BBRJ)