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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Kiernan Patrick Violin II Brindisi    
Kiesewetter ext Erica Violin I Colorado   1979 1982  
Additional references

Communication from Erica Kiesewetter, 2012-12-05

Kievman Louis Viola Westwood    
Kievman Louis Viola Stuyvesant b. 1910 1939 1941 d. 1990
Kilchenmann Julien Cello Galatea    
Kilchenmann Sarah Violin II Galatea    
Killian Timothy Viola Kronos b. 1946 1973 1976  
Killius Ruth Viola Zehetmair    
Kilmer Richard Violin II Amati [1966]    
Kilpeläinen Atte Viola Meta4    
Kim Agnes Cello Arneis    
Kim Ariana Violin I [Unnamed] (KKCR)    
Kim Ariana Violin I Aizuri   2016  
Kim Benny Violin I Miami   2009  
Kim Chloe Violin II Revelation Ensemble    
Kim Chol-Ryong Violin I Isang Yun Ensemble (Pyongyang)    
Kim Doosook Violin I Dakota   1995  
Kim Han Soo Violin II Stony Brook    
Kim Jae-Kyung Violin II Pro Arte   1988 1995  
Kim Jeewon Violin I/II Madawaska   2016