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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Karjus August Cello Estonian State Philharmonic    
Karjus August Cello [Unnamed] (ALLK)    
Karjus August Cello [Unnamed] (AVLK)    
Karlin Jan Viola Southwest Chamber Music    
Karlovský Jaroslav Viola Prague [1955] b. 1925 1961 1968 d. 1997
Kärmas Mati Violin I Estonian State Philharmonic Concertmasters    
Kärmas Mati Violin II [Unnamed] (LKPT)    
Karová Eva Violin II Pavel Haas b. 1983? 2008  
Karp Benjamin Cello Leonore    
Karp D
Margaret Violin II Leonore    
Karp ext Parry Cello Pro Arte   1976  

Both Lowell Creitz and Parry Karp played in the Quartet during the latter’s year away in 1978–79.

Karpe ext Sven Violin II Barkel b. 1908 1937 1951 d. 1999
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Swedish Wikipedia [2012-09-22]

Karppinen Olli-Pekka Viola Arkadia    
Karulis Jānis Viola [Unnamed] (GRKS)    
Kashiwagi Kyōko Violin I Amernet    
Kasprian Raphael Violin II Acies    
Kassow Hans Violin II Rafn    
Kassow Hans Viola Erling Bloch   1933  
Kassow Ivan Viola Norrköping   1958 1961?  
Kassow Ivan Viola Norrköping   1965 1969