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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Killius Ruth Viola Zehetmair    
Kilmer Richard Violin II Amati [1966]    
Kilpeläinen Atte Viola Meta4    
Kim Agnes Cello Arneis    
Kim Ariana Violin I Aizuri   2016  
Kim Benny Violin I Miami   2009  
Kim Chloe Violin II Revelation Ensemble    
Kim Chol-Ryong Violin I Isang Yun Ensemble (Pyongyang)    
Kim Doosook Violin I Dakota   1995  
Kim Han Soo Violin II Stony Brook    
Kim Jae-Kyung Violin II Pro Arte   1988 1995  
Kim Jeewon Violin I/II Madawaska   2016  
Kim Karen Violin II Parker   2002 2013  
Kim Kee-Hyun Cello Parker   2002  
Kim Kyu-Young Violin II Pacifica   1997 1999  
Kim Kyu-Young Violin I/II Dædalus   2000 2010 ca.  
Kim Min-Young Violin I/II Dædalus   2000 2012  
Kim Min-Young Violin I Dædalus   2012  
Kim Pauline Violin I [Unnamed] (KMFC)    
Kim ext Sujean Violin II Corigliano   1996  
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