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Duration in minutes: A 0–10 B 10–20 C 20–30 D 30–50 E 50–80 F 80–130 G 130+
Family name Given name Life dates Residence Began Notes  
Voigt-Lund Jens b. 1971
Denmark 1971
  M R
Volans U Kevin b. 1949
South Africa 1949
  M P R
von Baußnern ext Waldemar 1866–1931
Germany 1866
Hungary 1866?
Germany 1879
Additional references

Teutsch 2003

von Koch ext Erland 1910–2009
Sweden 1910
Problems, questions

Further residences to be determined

von Řezníček U ext Emil Nikolaus 1860–1945
Austria 1860
Germany 1881
Austria 18uu
Bohemia 1888
Germany 1896
Poland 1906
Germany 1909

Řezníček did not number his string quartets.

Problems, questions

Residences to be confirmed

Additional references

Editio Reznicek [2014-01-29]

Vrebalov U Aleksandra b. 1970
Yugoslavia 1970
USA 1995

Born in Serbia

Waggoner Andrew b. 1960
USA 1960
  M P R
Walker U George 1922–2018
USA 1922
  M R
Wall David b. 196u
Canada 196u
  M R
Walton William 1902–1983
England 1902
Italy 1949
  M R
Ward U Robert 1917–2013
USA 1917
  M P R
Warner Waldo 1874–1945
England 1874
Watkins Michael Blake b. 1948
England 1948
  M P
Watson Anthony 1933–1973
New Zealand 1933
  M R
Watstein Tema  
Webern Anton (von) 1883–1945
Austria 1883
  M P R
Weigel ext Eugene 1910–1998
USA 1910
  M R
Problems, questions

Further residences to be added

Weigl U ext Karl 1881–1949
Austria 1881
USA 1938
  M R
Additional references

Karl Weigl papers at Yale University

Weiland U Douglas b. 1954
England 1954
Australia 19uu
England 1990 ca.
  M P R
Weill U Kurt 1900–1950
Germany 1900
France 1933
USA 1935
  M P R