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Composers & compositions

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Duration in minutes: A 0–10 B 10–20 C 20–30 D 30–50 E 50–80 F 80–130 G 130+
Family name Given name Life dates Residence Began Notes  
Wood ext Charles 1866–1926
Ireland 1866
England 1883

Not included are 5 Irish Dances, 33 Folk Melodies, a Quodlibet, and a Theme and Variations, all listed as “short-score sketches” (with one dance “unfinished”) in Copley 1978. There may be additional fragmemts.

Additional references

Copley 1978

Wood ext Hugh 1932–2021
England 1932
  M P R
Additional references

Venn 2008 [2014-02-25]; Chester/Novello [2012-01-21]

Wood Philip b. 1972
England 1972
  M P
Wordsworth ext William 1908–1988
England 1908
Scotland 1934
England 1936?
Scotland 1961
  M P R
Problems, questions

Any overlap in the early quartets is unknown. 

Additional references

Scottish Music Centre; Conway 2008

Woytowicz ext Bolesław 1899–1980
Poland 1899
France 1929
Poland 1932
Additional references

Culture (Poland)

Wright Christopher b. 1954
England 1954
  M R
Wright U ext David b. 1946
Great Britain
Problems, questions

Residence to be confirmed

Wuorinen U Charles 1938–2020
USA 1938
  M P R
Wyner Yehudi b. 1929
Canada 1929
USA 19uu
Italy 1953
USA 1956
  M R
Wyschnegradsky U A
Ivan A
Russian Empire 1893
France 1920
  M P R
Xenakis A
Iannis A
Greece 1922
France 1947
  M R
Yamamoto U A
Kazutomo A
b. 1975
Japan 1975
  M P
Yamanaka U Ayane b. 1987
Japan 1987
Poland 20uu
Yang Lin b. 1982
China 1982
Germany 2007
  M P R
Yannatos ext James b. 1929
USA 1929
  M P
Additional references

Communication from the composer, 2011-04-08

Yip U Stephen b. 1971
Hong Kong 1971
  M P R
Yoshimatsu U Takashi b. 1953
Japan 1953
Young U Gayle b. 1950
Canada 1950
  M P
Young La Monte b. 1935
USA 1935
Yun U ext Isang 1917–1995
Korea 1917
Japan 1933
Korea 1936
Japan 1938
Korea 1941
France 1956
Germany (Federal Republic) 1957
Korea (Republic) 1967
Germany (Federal Republic) 1969
  M P R
Problems, questions

„Ich habe sogar wieder komponiert, Lieder und Streichquartette“ [“I even composed again, songs and string quartets”] (Rinser 1977, the quotation referring to approximately 1948–50).

Additional references

Heister 1997