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Compositions by Carl Vine

6 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Knips Suite

Quartet No. 1

1979 B  
Dedicated to / written for: Ian Spink; Basic Space dance group
Quartet No. 2 1984 B


Quartet No. 3 1994 B


Commissioned by:

Smith Quartet; Brighton Arts Festival; Australia Council

Dedicated to / written for:

Smith Quartet

Quartet No. 4 2004 B


Commissioned by:

Geoff and Vicki Ainsworth; Musica Viva Australia; Ian Potter Music Commissions

Quartet No. 5 2007 C


Quartet No. 6

Child’s Play

2017 B


Commissioned by:

Musica Viva Australia; Michael and Frédérique Katz; Seattle Commissioning Club; Carnegie Hall