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Compositions by Kevin Volans

13 compositions
Composition M Catalog Comp'd Duration Publisher Notes  
Quartet No. 1

White Man Sleeps

1986 C  
Dedicated to / written for: Kronos Quartet
Movement 1987 A  
Commissioned by: Jill Addleson; Durban Arts
Quartet No. 2

Hunting: Gathering

1987 C  
Commissioned by: Kronos Quartet; Doris and Myron Beigler; Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Dedicated to / written for: Kronos Quartet
Quartet No. 3

The Songlines

1988 C

Revised in 1993

Commissioned by:

Kronos Quartet; Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; Viking Press

Dedicated to / written for:

Bruce Chatwin; Kronos Quartet

Quartet No. 4

The Ramanujan Notebooks

1990 C

Revised in 1994

Dedicated to / written for:

Elizabeth Chatwin

Quartet No. 5

Dancers on a Plane

1994 C  
Includes: Audio playback
Quartet No. 6 2000 C  
Includes: Additional string quartet, which may be prerecorded
Commissioned by: Arts Council of Ireland; City Music Society, London (England)
Dedicated to / written for: Duke Quartet
Quartet No. 7 2002 A  
Commissioned by:

Cikada Quartet; Crash Ensemble; Arts Council of Ireland

Dedicated to / written for:

Kate Fraher, John Fraher

Quartet No. 8

Black Woman Rising

Dedicated to / written for:

Pumeza Matshikiza; Kronos Quartet

Quartet No. 9

Shiva Dances

2004 C  
Commissioned by: Smith Quartet; BBC
Dedicated to / written for: Smith Quartet
Quartet No. 10 2006 B

Revised in 2013?

Commissioned by:

RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet; RTÉ

Dedicated to / written for:

RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet

Quartet No. 11 2011 C


Commissioned by:

Callino Quartet

Quartet No. 12 2015 D