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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Reed Deb Violin II DaVinci    
Reeder Deborah Cello Amado    
Reeves Wynn Violin II London   191u 191u  
Řehák Karel Viola Suk    
Rehm Wilfried Cello [Unnamed] (BTHR)    
Reichardt Walter Cello Freund    
Reichert Beatrice Cello Chamber Music Society of Austrian Radio    
Reid James Cello [Unnamed] (RLMR)    
Reinecke Frank Violin II Vogler   1985  
Reiner Andreas Violin I Rosamunde    
Reiner Sam Cello [Unnamed] (TGWR)    
Reinhold Dietrich Violin I Reinhold b. 1962 1996  
Reinholdsson Folke Violin II [Unnamed] (BRAG)    
Reis Alceu Cello Amazônia    
Reis Alceu Cello Bessler    
Reisacher Louis Viola Manoliu    
Reisinger Annette Violin II Minguet   1988  
Reisinger Carl Georg Violin II Musica-Vitalis b. 1919 1950 1955  
Reisler Jerome Violin II York    
Reist Ernst Violin I Reist   1959