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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Quinet ext Fernand Cello Pro Arte b. 1898 1916? 1922 d. 1971
Problems, questions

He may have played in the Quartet beginning in 1918.

Additional references

He indicates his birth date in a letter dated 1913-12-02, reprinted in van Malderen 1998.

Quinn David Viola Molinari   2002  
Quint Sherry Violin II Adrian Symphony    
Raab Emil Violin I Čadek b. 1920 d. 2004
Raab Emil Violin II Stanley b. 1920 1948 1957 d. 2004
Rabenschlag Susanne Violin I Verdi [1985]   1985  
Rabey D
Vladimir D
Violin II Borodin b. 1922 1945? 1947 d. 2009
Rabushka Joseph Violin II [Unnamed] (RRTB) b. 1929 d. 2015
Rabut-Cartwright Sue Violin II Boston Composers    
Rachid ext Samy Cello Arod   2013  

Joined in September 2013

Radanov Stojan Violin II Dickermann    
Radev Therese Åstrand Violin I/II Messer    
Radisse Lucienne Cello Pascal    
Radom Naomi Violin I Spring    
Rafn Gerhard Violin II Copenhagen [1919] b. 1891 1919? d. 1941
Rafn Gerhard Violin I Rafn b. 1891 1926 d. 1941
Ragaz Christine Violin II Bern    
Rahier Albert Violin II Pro Arte b. 1894? 1943 1960 d. 1983
Rahkonen Jorma Violin I Voces Intimæ    
Raidmets Terje Violin II Estonian Music Days