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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Redgrave Rose Viola Coull    
Redington Alex Violin I Doric   1998  
Redpath Keith Violin I Harrington    
Redtenbacher Viktor Violin I Chamber Music Society of Austrian Radio    
Reed Deb Violin II DaVinci    
Reeder Deborah Cello Amado    
Reeves Wynn Violin II London   191u 191u  
Řehák Karel Viola Suk    
Rehm Wilfried Cello [Unnamed] (BTHR)    
Reichardt Walter Cello Freund    
Reichert Beatrice Cello Chamber Music Society of Austrian Radio    
Reid James Cello [Unnamed] (RLMR)    
Reinecke Frank Violin II Vogler   1985  
Reiner Andreas Violin I Rosamunde    
Reiner Sam Cello [Unnamed] (TGWR)    
Reinhold Dietrich Violin I Reinhold b. 1962 1996  
Reinholdsson Folke Violin II [Unnamed] (BRAG)    
Reis Alceu Cello Amazônia    
Reis Alceu Cello Bessler    
Reisacher Louis Viola Manoliu