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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Píza Ludvík Cello Pilsen Radio    
Place Annaliesa Violin II American Contemporary Music Ensemble    
Place ext Annaliesa Violin I/II Momenta    
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Plana Joan Violin II [Unnamed] (GPVV)    
Pleeth William Cello Blech b. 1916 d. 1999
Pleeth William Cello Allegri b. 1916 1953 1967 d. 1999
Plessl Manfred Viola Acies    
Plocek Alexandr Violin I Prague [1920] b. 1914 1941 1951 d. 1982
Ploemacher D
Marije Violin II Navarra b. 1982 2002 2021  
Plooij ext Jacob Violin II Zephyr   2001 2007  
Additional references

Jacob Plooij's website [2013-09-22]

Płoska Beata Viola Amar Corde    
Plourde Jean-Luc Violin II Arthur LeBlanc   1994?  
Plourde Jean-Luc Viola Arthur LeBlanc   1994  
Plumettaz Eric Cello Sonare    
Plummer Kathryn Viola Blair    
Pochon Alfred Violin II Stradivarius [1929 ca.]    
Pochon ext Alfred Violin I/II Flonzaley b. 1878 1903 1906  
Additional references

Concert program, [1915?]-01-11 (marked 1922), University Archives, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Pochon Alfred Violin II Flonzaley b. 1878 1906 1929  
Podjukl Josef Viola Novák    
Pogány Imre Violin II Budapest b. 1893 1920 1927 d. 1975