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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Robert Lucien Viola McGill   1944  
Roberts Andrew Violin II [Unnamed] (BRWT)    
Roberts Daniel Violin II Castalian   2010  
Roberts Helen Viola Bochmann    
Roberts Mariel Cello Mivos   2008 2018  
Roberts Nicholas Cello Coull    
Roberts Rachel Viola Dante    
Roberts Shannon Violin I [Unnamed] (RRMM)    
Roberts Tristan Violin II [Unnamed] (RRMM)    
Robertson Alexander Viola Brodsky   1972 1982  
Robertson Anders Cello Gothenburg    
Robertson Lesley Viola St. Lawrence b. 1963 1989  
Robertson D
Marian Cello [Unnamed] (RMPR) b. 1926 d. 2013
Robertson Paul Violin I Medici   1971 200u  
Robinson Christian Violin I Silver Birch   2004  
Robinson John Violin II Hambourg   1907  
Robinson Keith Cello Miami   1988  
Robson Alex Violin II Engegård   2012  
Robyn Paul Viola Hollywood b. 1908 1939 1955? d. 1970
Roche Roger Viola Loewenguth b. 1914?