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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Peltonen Samuli Cello [Unnamed] (KKSP)    
Penassou Pierre Cello Parrenin    
Penassou Pierre Cello Bernède   1979 1991  
Pendlebury Nic Viola Smith    
Pendlebury Sally Cello Fitzwilliam   2016 2020 ca.  
Peng Bo Cello Borealis   2012 2015  
Pennington John Violin I London b. 1902 ca. 1927 1935 d. 1967
Pensola Minna Violin II Meta4    
Pepini Costanza Viola Ascanio    
Pepol Michał Cello Royal    
Pepper Jack Violin II Coolidge [19uu]    
Pereira Daniel Cello Dalí   2004 2006  
Pereira David Cello Tall Poppies    
Perényi Miklós Cello Mikrokosmos    
Pérez Baster Leonardo Violin I Amadeo Roldán    
Pergament D
A. S. Violin II Auer [1929]    
Perich ext Guillermo Viola Walden b. 1924 1971 1979? d. 2016
Additional references

Letter attached to the Quartet’s IRS form 1065 for the year 1971

Perkins Kenneth Violin II Orford b. 1935 1965 1991 d. 2000
Perks Elliott Viola Maxwell    
Perks Oscar Violin II Ensemble Arcadiana