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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Stamic U A

Jan Stamic (Johann Stamitz) (1717–57), composer

Czechoslovakia 1985
  M T R R
ext Given name Family name   Start Stop    
VIOLIN I   Bohuslav Matoušek b. 1949 1985 1995    
  Vítězslav Černoch b. 1965 1995 2001    
Additional references

Czech Wikipedia

  Jindřich Pazdera b. 1954 2001    
VIOLIN II   Josef Kekula b. 1952 1985    
VIOLA   Jan Pěruška b. 1951 1985    
CELLO   Vladimír Leixner b. 1952 1985 2007 d. 2007  
  Petr Hejný b. 1956 2007