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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Kim ext Won-Mo Violin II Pro Arte b. 1939 1964* 1967*  
Problems, questions

*Won-Mo Kim was not really a member of the Pro Arte String Quartet. Probably he would have been if it had played as such during his three years at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where the Quartet had resided for more than 20 years. From 1962 to 1967, various Pro-Arte-like formations resided and performed there, including a string trio and a piano quartet, but not the string quartet. Usually the group was designated something other than Pro Arte, or noted as “members of the Pro Arte [String] Quartet” plus other players.

Kim Yeesun Cello Borromeo   1989  
Kim Yong Violin I Marteau    
Kim Young-Nam Violin II [Unnamed] (KKCR)    
Kimanen Seppo Cello Jean Sibelius    
Kimstedt Rainer Johannes Violin II Kreuzberg    
King Bryan Violin II Purcell b. 1948 1979 1991  
King Stephen Viola Australian   2012  
King Terry Cello Lyric Art    
Kinnarinen Mervi Violin II Cable!    
Kinsey Herbert Violin II London   191u 191u  
Kinzel Gustav Violin II Kolisch   1922 1922  
Kirkwood James Cello Tremont    
Kirpal ext Gundula Violin II Diogenes    
Problems, questions

Position to be verified

Kirpal ext Stefan Violin I Diogenes    
Problems, questions

Position to be verified

Kiršfelds Ēriks Cello Spīķeru    
Kirshbaum Morris Cello American University    
Kirstein Jack Cello LaSalle b. 1921 1955 1975 d. 1996
Kiss András Violin I New Budapest b. 1943  
Kiss László Violin II Sydney   1983