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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Rowell Mary Violin I/II Ethel   1998 2011  
Rowell Sophie Violin I Australian   2007 2011  
Rowland Christopher Violin I Sartori b. 1946 1970 1974 d. 2007
Rowland Christopher Violin I Fitzwilliam b. 1946 1974 1984 d. 2007
Rowland Daniel Violin I Allegri   2005 2006  
Rowland Daniel Violin I Brodsky   2007  
Rowland-Jones Simon Viola Quartet of London b. 1950  
Rowland-Jones Simon Viola Chilingirian b. 1950 1971 1978?  
Rowland-Jones Simon Viola Chilingirian b. 1950 1992? 199u  
Roy Jean-Sébastien Violin II Lloyd Carr-Harris    
Rozanska Magdalena Violin I Aurora (Weimar)    
Rozek Robert Violin I Madison    
Rozemond Jacobien Violin II Ruysdael   2003 2007  
Rožēvics Einārs Viola Rīga    
Rozmysłowicz Artur Viola Lutosławski    
Rubens Leonard Viola Brosa    
Rubio ext Carlos Violin II DaPonte   2002 2002  

Substitute for almost one year

Rubio Carlos Violin II Dalí   2004  
Rucker Rudolf Viola Norrköping   1956 1958?  
Rucker Rudolf Viola Norrköping   1961 1965?