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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Rosenkranz Helge Violin II Franz Schubert (Vienna) b. 1962  
Rosianu Andrei Violin I Athenæum Quartet (Mannheim)    
Rosow Cordula Violin II Madison    
Ross Gilbert Violin I Smith College b. 1903 d. 1993
Ross Gilbert Violin I Northampton b. 1903 1937 d. 1993
Ross Gilbert Violin I Stanley b. 1903 1948 1966 d. 1993
Ross Gilbert Violin I Stanley b. 1903 1968 1970 d. 1993
Ross Nathan Violin II American Art    
Ross Nathan Violin II [Unnamed] (SRSR)    
Ross Paul Cello Portland   1969 2014  
Ross Reinald Viola Hába (1984)    
Ross Tony Cello [Unnamed] (KKCR)    
Rosseels Gustave Violin II Paganini b. 1911 d. 2004
Rosseels Gustave Violin II Stanley b. 1911 1957 1973 d. 2004
Rossi Franco Cello Italiano b. 1921 1945 1980 d. 2006
Rossi Urico Violin II Gordon   1947  
Rossi Urico Violin I Berkshire [1948] b. 1916 1948 d. 2001
Rostad Masumi Per Viola [Unnamed] (MMRS)    
Rostad Masumi Per Viola Pacifica   2001 2017  
Rostal Leo Cello Forum b. 1901 d. 1983