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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Ronzatti Constance Violin II Diotima   2014  
Rood Louise Viola Smith College    
Root Dale Cello Atlantic [1987]   1987  
Roques Helena Violin II Brodowski b. 1980 2005?  
Rørbech Bodil Violin I [Unnamed] (RNKN)    
Rosa Ivan Violin II Košice    
Rosé Alma Violin II Rosé b. 1906 1939 1939 d. 1944
Rosé D
Arnold Violin I Rosé b. 1863 1882 1945 d. 1946
Rosé D
Eduard Cello Rosé b. 1859 1882 1884 ca. d. 1942
Rosefield Annette Cello Paul McDermott    
Rosen Charlotte Violin II Forum    
Rosen Marcy Cello [Unnamed] (KSBR)    
Rosen Marcy Cello Mendelssohn   1979 2009  
Rosenberg Thomas Cello Chester    
Rosenboom David Violin II University of Illinois Composition    
Rosenfeld Julie Violin I Colorado   1982 2013  
Rosenkranz Helge Violin II Franz Schubert (Vienna) b. 1962  
Rosianu Andrei Violin I Athenæum Quartet (Mannheim)    
Rosow Cordula Violin II Madison    
Ross Gilbert Violin I Smith College b. 1903 d. 1993