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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Banerdt Bronwyn Cello Clarion    
Banevičius [Unknown] Cello Lithuanian State Philharmonic   1949 1952  
Bánfalvi Béla Violin II Bartók   1982 1985  
Barab Seymour Cello Galimir b. 1921 d. 2014
Barab Seymour Cello [Unnamed] (RRTB) b. 1921 d. 2014
Barab Seymour Cello New Music b. 1921 1947 ca. d. 2014
Barab Seymour Cello Composers b. 1921 1965 d. 2014
Barák Přemysl Cello Kubín   1972  
Baranov Andrey Violin I David Oistrakh    
Baranov D
M. Viola Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra    
Baráti George D
Cello California [1946 ca.] b. 1913 1946 1950 d. 1996
Barber Florence Viola Lehmann    
Barber Peter Viola Schola musica    
Barbi A. Viola [Unnamed] (NDBC)    
Barbier Dominique Violin I Arcana   1973?  
Barbirolli John D
Cello Music Society b. 1899 d. 1970
Barcham-Stevens Marcus Violin II Fitzwilliam   2012  
Bareil Antoine Violin II Molinari   2018  
Barkel Charles Violin I Barkel b. 1898 1928 d. 1973
Barker Kaye Violin II Bridge