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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Rossi Franco Cello Italiano b. 1921 1945 1980 d. 2006
Rossi Urico Violin II Gordon   1947  
Rossi Urico Violin I Berkshire [1948] b. 1916 1948 d. 2001
Rostad Masumi Per Viola [Unnamed] (MMRS)    
Rostad Masumi Per Viola Pacifica   2001 2017  
Rostal Leo Cello Forum b. 1901 d. 1983
Rostropovich D
Mstislav D
Cello Borodin b. 1927 1944 1945? d. 2007
Roth David Violin II Allegri   1969 2000  
Róth Ferenc Violin I Róth b. 1899 d. 1969
Róth Ferenc Violin I [Unnamed] (RMPR) b. 1899 d. 1969
Roth Georges Otto Viola Cantabile    
Rother Max Violin II Gewandhaus b. 1867 1892 1902 d. 19uu
Rothschild Fritz Violin I/II Kolisch b. 1891 1924 1926 d. 1975
Rothschild Fritz Violin I Rothschild b. 1891 1927 ca. d. 1975
Rothstein Jack Violin I Lansdowne b. 1925 d. 2001
Rottenfusser Josef Violin II Endres    
Roubin Cécile Violin II Voce   2004 200u  
Roubin Cécile Violin I/II Voce   200u  
Roussel Fabien Violin II Diotima   1996 2001  
Roussin ext Annick Violin I/II Isasi    
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