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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Rudner Åsa Violin I Helsingborg    
Rudolph Shay Cello [Unnamed] (TSCR)    
Ruf Fritz Viola Endres    
Rugesæter Ingrid Viola [Unnamed] (OHRS)    
Ruis Jaroslav Viola Dvořák    
Ruiz Casaux Juan Cello National Chamber Music Association    
Rumpler Harry Viola Griller   1962 1963  
Rundel Peter Violin II Pellegrini   1989  
Runge Eckart Cello Artemis b. 1967 1989 2019  
Runnqvist Axel Violin II Kjellström    
Rupaitė Ingrida Violin I Art Vio    
Rupaitė D
Ingrida Violin I Kaunas b. 1979 2001 2003  
Rush ext Mark Violin I Colorado   1976 1978  
Additional references

Communication from Mark Rush, 2012-12-06 et seq.

Ruško Sparis Violin II [Unnamed] (GRKS)    
Russell Jane Viola Silver Birch    
Russell Lucy Violin II Fitzwilliam   1988 1995  
Russell Lucy Violin I Fitzwilliam b. 1965 1995  
Rüssmann Winfried Violin I Kreuzberg    
Ruthström Julius Violin I Ruthström b. 1877 d. 1944
Ruzitska Anton Viola Rosé b. 1872 1901 1930 ca. d. 1933