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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Risi Jorge Violin I Latinoamericano   1981 1986  
Risler Nicolas Violin II Arpeggione   1988  
Ristau Stephen Cello Diogenes    
Ritchie Stanley Violin I Philadelphia    
Ritchie Stanley Violin II Sydney   1981 1983  
Ritter Agnes Violin II Klingler   1946 1948  
Robault Pascal Viola Arpeggione    
Robault Pascal Viola La meije    
Robbins ext Bernard Violin II Kreiner b. 1913 1935 1936 d. 1999
Additional references

Alan Shulman collection, New York Public Library

Robbins Bernard Violin II Stuyvesant b. 1913 1945 1954 d. 1999
Robbins Bernard Violin II Canadian [1961] b. 1913 1961 1963 d. 1999
Robbins Rena Viola [Unnamed] (KLRG)    
Robert ext Lucien Viola [Unnamed] (BBRJ)    
Problems, questions

Nevins 1990 indicates “Lucien [Joachim],” which suggests either Lucien Robert or Otto Joachim.

Additional references

Nevins 1990

Robert Lucien Viola Montréal [1934]   1934 1940  
Robert Lucien Viola McGill   1944  
Roberts Andrew Violin II [Unnamed] (BRWT)    
Roberts Andrew Violin II Fitzwilliam   2019  
Roberts Daniel Violin II Castalian   2010  
Roberts Helen Viola Bochmann    
Roberts Mariel Cello Mivos   2008 2018