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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Rothschild Fritz Violin I/II Kolisch b. 1891 1924 1926 d. 1975
Rothschild Fritz Violin I Rothschild b. 1891 1927 ca. d. 1975
Rothstein Jack Violin I Lansdowne b. 1925 d. 2001
Rottenfusser Josef Violin II Endres    
Roubin Cécile Violin II Voce   2004 200u  
Roubin Cécile Violin I/II Voce   200u  
Roussel Fabien Violin II Diotima   1996 2001  
Roussin ext Annick Violin I/II Isasi    
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Routley Katherine Violin II Utrecht    
Rovighi Giulio Violin I Prometeo   2008  
Rowell Mary Violin I/II Ethel   1998 2011  
Rowell Sophie Violin I Australian   2007 2011  
Rowland Christopher Violin I Sartori b. 1946 1970 1974 d. 2007
Rowland Christopher Violin I Fitzwilliam b. 1946 1974 1984 d. 2007
Rowland Daniel Violin I Allegri   2005 2006  
Rowland Daniel Violin I Brodsky   2007  
Rowland-Jones Simon Viola Quartet of London b. 1950  
Rowland-Jones Simon Viola Chilingirian b. 1950 1971 1978?  
Rowland-Jones Simon Viola Chilingirian b. 1950 1992? 199u  
Roy Jean-Sébastien Violin II Lloyd Carr-Harris