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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Lillis David Violin I RTÉ    
Lilmonick Marvin Violin II American Art    
Lim Anna Violin I [Unnamed] (LGSS)    
Lim Michael Violin I St. Helens    
Lim Michael Jinsoo Violin I/II Corigliano    
Lim Sunghae Anna Violin II Cassatt    
Lim Sungyong Cello Borealis   2015  
Lin Chen Viola Boston    
Lin Jasmine Violin II Chicago   2000 ca. 2003?  
Lin Joanne Cello Momenta    
Lin Joseph Violin I Juilliard b. 1978 2011 2018  
Lin Lucia Violin II Muir   1998  
Lin Pei-Ling Viola Friction    
Lin Pei-Ling Viola New Fromm Players    
Lin Pei-Ling Viola Telegraph    
Lin Wei-Yang Andy Viola Amphion    
Linale Charles-André Violin I Orpheus   1987 2003 d. 2003
Linares Adriana Viola Dalí   2004  
Linarić Darko Violin I Tartini    
Lincer William Viola Gordon