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Performing groups

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Name Reference in name Residence Began Ended  
Alexander U

Alexander Walsh-Wilson, founding cellist

USA 1981
  M R R
ext Given name Family name   Start Stop    
VIOLIN I   Peter Sacco b. 1947 ca. 1981 d. 2006  
Problems, questions

Position needs confirmation.

Additional references

University of Connecticut Advance, 2006-09-25 [2012-11-23]

  Eric Pritchard   198u    
  Ge-Fang Yang   1992 2002    
  Zakarias Grafilo   2002 2025    
VIOLIN II   Kate Ransom   1981 1987 ca.    
Problems, questions

Position needs confirmation.

  Frederick Lifsitz   1987 2023    
  Yuna Lee   2023 2025    
VIOLA   Paul Yarbrough   1981 2020    
  David Samuel   2020 2025    
CELLO   Sandy A
Wilson A
  1981 2025