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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Holm Ludvig Violin I [Unnamed] (HSSH3)    
Holman Hannah Cello Maia    
Holman Petr Viola Zemlinsky    
Holst Henry Violin I Philharmonia b. 1899 d. 1991
Holst Oscar Violin II Oslo Philharmonic Society    
Holtman Jacques Violin I Amati [1966]    
Holub Jan Violin I Zagreb    
Holva D
Marjaana Violin II Tempera   2000 2003  
Holzer Oskar Violin II [Unnamed] (BHBH)    
Homoki ext Gábor Violin II Kelemen b. 1989 2009  

Also plays viola

Homuth Donald Cello San José    
Honeck Manfred Violin II Artis (Vienna) b. 1958 1980 1982  
Honigberg Steven Cello Potomac    
Honigberg Steven Cello [Unnamed] (LCBH)    
Honnens Pierre René Cello Danish [1950 ca.]    
Hood ext Florence Violin II McGill   1944 1945?  
Additional references

Ottawa Citizen, 1945-02-09 [2012-09-01]

Hood Joanna Viola Lafayette   1985  
Hood Joanna Viola [Unnamed] (MSHB)   1994 1994  
Hoogeveen Ronald Violin I Raphael    
Hooker Yuri Cello [Unnamed] (HSSH2)