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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Nilsson Claes Violin II Saulesco   1962 1972 ca.  
Nilsson Helena Cello Tale    
Ninomiya ext Ayano Violin I/II Momenta    
Problems, questions

Position to be determined

Ninomiya Ayano Violin I Amaryllis [1991]   1991  
Ninomiya Ayano Violin I Ying   2010  
Niremberg H. Violin I [Unnamed] (NDBC)    
Niremberg Jacques Violin II Rio de Janeiro National University School of Music    
Nissel Siegmund Violin II Amadeus b. 1922 1947 1987 d. 2008
Nizioł Bartek D
Violin I Nizioł b. 1974 2000  
Nizioł Bartek D
Violin I Valentin Berlinsky b. 1974  
Nógrády Vera Cello Ramor    
Noh Esther Violin I Either/Or    
Noras Arto Cello Sibelius Academy    
Nordlund Sarah Violin I/II Amion    
Nørgaard Asbjørn Viola Danish [2001] b. 1984 2001  
Norlén Bengt-Erik Violin II Helsingborg    
Normet D
Helen Violin II Kerem   1995 2002  
Norrby Gunnar Cello Garaguly    
North Anne-Marie Violin I Bretón