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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Naydenova Ralitsa Viola Veles   2016  
Naydin D
Igor' D
Viola Russo b. 1969 1985  
Naydin D
Igor' D
Viola Borodin b. 1969 1996  
Naydina D
Natal'ya D
Violin I Russo    
Neal Marjorie Cello Classic    
Negrescu Mircea Violin I Romanian Radio    
Negri Pierangelo Violin II La Scala   2001  
Neidlinger Buell Cello Alder    
Neikrug Edward Viola [Unnamed] (DKNN)    
Neikrug George Cello Westwood b. 1919  
Neikrug George Cello [Unnamed] (DKNN)    
Neilz Jacques Cello Loewenguth   1929  
Nelson Ariana Cello Carpe Diem   2020  
Nelson Frederick Violin II Purcell b. 1946 1970 1976  
Nelson Maureen Violin I Ensō   1999 2016  
Nelson Norman Violin I Purcell b. 1931 1968 1979 d. 2018
Nelson Norman Violin I University of Alberta b. 1931 1979 1982 d. 2018
Nematallah Sarah Violin I/II Cecilia   2004 2006  
Nematallah Sarah Violin I Cecilia   2006 2007  
Nematallah Sarah Violin I/II Cecilia   2007 2009