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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Muenzer Albert Violin II Lyric Art    
Muenzer Edgar Violin II Chicago Symphony b. 1927  
Mullan Brian Cello Sterling    
Mullen William Violin I University of Illinois Composition    
Müller Bernd Violin II German State Opera (Berlin)    
Müller Gerhard Viola Rasumowsky [2001]    
Müller Heime Violin II Artemis   1991 1994  
Müller Heime Violin I/II Artemis b. 1970 1994 2007  
Müller Ludwig Violin I Aron b. 1964 1998  
Müller Michael Cello Párkányi   1998  
Müller Othmar Cello Artis (Vienna) b. 1963 1980  
Müller-Szeraws Jan Cello QX   2005  
Mulligan Greg Violin II Atlantic [1995]    
Mumm Craig Viola [Unnamed] (DMMM)    
Mumm Mary Ann Violin II [Unnamed] (DMMM)    
Munro Jean Viola Adelaide    
Mürbe Heiko Viola TECC    
Murdoch Jane Violin I Edinburgh   1997 1999  
Murdock Katherine Viola [Unnamed] (SEMM)    
Murdock Katherine Viola Mendelssohn   1988