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Family Name Given Name Instrument Group   Start Stop    
Pfeiffer Petr Cello Academy of Performing Arts (Prague)    
Pfeiffer Sabine Cello Nomos    
Pfiz Konstantin Cello Engegård   2011 2012  
Phelps Melissa Cello Camilli    
Philips Davor Violin II Zagreb b. 1977 2001  
Philips Hrvoje Viola Zagreb b. 1977 2005  
Phillips Bert Cello Philarte    
Phillips Daniel Violin I/II Orion    
Phillips John Violin II Fitzwilliam b. 1950 1968 1974  
Phillips Todd Violin I/II Orion    
Phòng ext Siêu Mạnh Violin I Rangzen    
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Picard Éric Cello La meije    
Pichler Günter Violin I Alban Berg b. 1940 1970 2008  
Pickering Susan Cello Petra    
Pidoux Roland Cello Via nova b. 1946  
Piedicuta Emilian Violin II Orpheus   1987 200u  
Pierotti Susan Violin II [Unnamed] (SPVK)    
Pietikäinen Mauri Viola Finlandia    
Pietikäinen Mauri Viola Segerstam b. 1944  
Pietikäinen Mauri Viola Voces Intimæ